The Golf Course Confessional: Not all of our golfers are Turkeys and not all of our Turkeys are Golfers…



“You have the best job in the county!” one of our golfers told me, as I mowed the fairway.  I could not agree more, particularly when I am halted by play next to one of the Blackcap Raspberry bushes that are prime right now.  This particular bush got me a full cup for “second breakfast.”  They had been rinsed by overnight rain and were sweet as sugar.  Memo to self:  Bring a large Ice Cream bucket tomorrow…



This hen Turkey must have a brood close by, but was so focused on the Mulberries that had fallen to the ground along hole 6 that she would not be distracted by the large, loud mower a few feet away.  The Mulberries are more fragile than the Blackcaps but are just as tasty.  Memo to self:  Bring another Ice Cream Bucket tomorrow…


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