The Golf Course Confessional: (Dande)lions… and Tigers… and Bears… O MY!

Recently one of my nieces posted on Facebook about her five year old daughter’s distress that their lawn had no Dandelions.  When mom carefully explained that they sprayed their lawn to prevent Dandelions from growing, the little one exclaimed, “That’s not FAIR!”

The issue of “weeds” in turf grasses is one which will generate no end of commentary.  When Pinehurst #2 was naturalized prior to the 2014 US Open golf tournament the mixed response was sometimes, shall we say, less than civil.

I will admit that I have a soft spot in my heart for “weeds.”  We have thousands of acres of “crops” locally, beautiful with their rowed regulation in their own right.  However, they exist, as they exist, as artifacts of intervention, to be “cultivated.”  Weeds erupt.  Give a Dandelion parachute a microscopic landing zone of bare soil, and it will set up a base camp for the generations. There is a tiny ripening period from bud to flower to seed.  I wonder how well the world could be fed if that joyous haste could somehow be communicated to wheat, barley, maize, or rice.  DSC00502

My wife and I both remember, from the days of our being our grand niece’s age, learning to braid the long stemmed Dandelion into garlands to be presented to mom.  Most of the raw materials were to be gathered from the lawn, although the really good stems were only to be had from the tall grass ditches. (We have a teaching task…)


Some would call the Dandelion seed silk harvest stage “unsightly.”  Tell that to the Hummingbird whose nest is lined with the softest of down, because God likes weeds also and makes such a coverlet available, just in time.




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