The golf Course Confessional: A successful deer hunt


I have hunted on the course for many of the years we have lived in New Glarus.  This year was no exception.  No harvest, but a successful hunt nonetheless.  I was joined by Bret Shaw and David Haugh for several days of the hunt.  We saw deer often.  Nothing is better than being outside doing something you love to do with friends.  Golf and hunting both provide the opportunity to do that.

Yes, there is a deer in the picture above.  You can see what we are up against in hunting them.  They blend in well, unless there is snow!  I shot this one a number of years ago with my camera from the clubhouse deck. When Judy and I lived on the course, in the apartment in the basement of the “little house on the golf course,” I would sometimes awaken in the middle of the night with a sensation of being watched.  Every time, I would open the blinds on the bedroom window and see deer looking in!  They had come for the acorns from the oak tree just outside.

We have a modestly sized deer population on the course.  The surrounding area, even with the housing developments to our east, has a fairly dense population.  The number of deer vs. auto accidents annually in the immediate area is significant.  A deer strike can cause thousands of dollars in damage.  Partner, Art Jennrich found a newly struck deer on the roadside on the way into town just before the season opened this year.  In Wisconsin, you can ask for permission to harvest this for the meat.  He did.  Nice. Not too much damage and about 45 pounds of useful meat. I have not hit one yet, but came very close to doing so right on the driveway of the golf course.  A nice buck, distracted by the scent of a doe during the rut, ran right in front of our car.

No venison yet this year, but the secondary hunt in December is still to come.  Perhaps…


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