The Golf Course Confessional: Time passes quickly when you are having fun.

It is hard sometimes to remember just how long we have been involved with Argue-ment Golf Course.  I came across some of the older pictures of the course.  Posted with more recent items, they tell the passage of time better than I can with


words.  The evergreens, White Pine and Spruce, have grown to nearly obscure the hill, and now hide the roadway to #5.


DSC00292DSCF0098DSCF0011 DSC00291

The pond in front of #9, from a bare hole in the ground to a lush feature.  It has been seventeen years.


The Golf Course Confessional: Pre Christmas sale starts on Black Friday


It’s tough thinking “GOLF!” when the windchill factor is in the single digits.  However, this is the time of the year when you can buy golf the cheapest.  It is sort of like the used car dealer with the lonely convertible in the back stall of the drifted lot…  The dreams of the summer to come.

Once again your humble Confessor will be manning the phone banks at Argue-ment, DSCF0037awaiting the torrent of interest in half price golf for the 2015 season.  This ad will show up in the Post Messenger and associated editions during Thanksgiving week.

Christmas Stocking Stuffer  from Argue-ment Golf Course

Wouldn’t you rather get a golf ball in your stocking than a lump of coal? An Argue-ment Stocking Stuffer is the next best thing. Purchase as many $25 dollar unlimited use gift certificates for your favorite golfers as you like and receive a bonus $25 coupon with each certificate good for golf, cart, and range fees at Argue-ment.

That’s a $50 value for $25 spent.

Orders may be placed by phone using credit or debit card at 608-527-6366, by a check in the mail at the address below, or in

person Fridays and Saturdays from 10 AM to 2PM between now and Christmas.

Argue-ment Golf Course

N9603 Argue Rd.

New Glarus, WI 53574

Gift certificates may be used like cash for anything available at the course.

Some restrictions apply to coupons. Sorry, no cash redemptions for certificates or coupons. Swing easy!

The Golf Course Confessional: Frosted flakes…

DSC00394 DSC00395 DSC00396 DSC00397 DSC00398 DSC00399 DSC00400  Overnight, winter gifted us with the first measurable snow of the season.  When we lived in the Buffalo, NY area, one of our friends, the Rev. Charles Biegner, claimed that he would give winter 100 days to be done with its foolishness, measured from the day of the first measurable snow.  I can live with that.  Except… this first snow was delivered with such grace and precision…each tiny gift landing just so on the branches and railings…that it is impossible to call it foolishness.  There is something majestic yet intimate about a process that redresses the woods for the insult of the cold with foliage appropriate to the time and season.

On a practical note, the sharp drop in temperature may have done us a favor of a different nature the last several days by supplementing the effect of the snow mold fungicide prior to the first snow fall. The bent grasses will now have not only a blanket to shield them from the desiccating effect of winter wind but also an ally against the disease that could erupt if it were warmer when the snow cover came.  God our maker will provide…


The Golf Course Confessional: Iced Tee

DSC00391When I arrived at the course this morning to feed and water the cats, this is the view that greeted me.  All three ponds are completely iced over from night time temperatures in the 10 degree range.  Only yesterday they were still open. Winter’s suddenness should not come as a surprise, but it always does.  I suspect that is because there is a deep need for denial, even in the face of prudent preparation.  One always hopes that what is forecast will not occur.

DSC00393    The birds and animals with whom we share this space know better.  This flock of turkeys was picking grit on the driveway when I pulled in.  They had gleaned the soybean field adjacent to the course.  The modern harvesting equipment leaves more to imagination and hope than to beak and crop, but the birds check it over anyway.  They do not seem to be bothered by the cold.  I surely am.

The gun deer season begins a week from today.  Monday, I and my hunting companions will stake our claims to various locations for our stands.  We set our lines of sight and fields of fire so as not to endanger each other or the neighbors, backing each lane with the hillsides.  We have harvested more stories than venison the last several years.   Maybe this year…

The Golf Course Confessional: bare ruined choirs…

DSC00389The combination of the closed sign on the post next to the entry and the leafless trees says it all, “We’re done for 2014.”  This is a good thing.

DSC00387Bill Krebs came by today from Wisconsin Turf to pick up the cutter heads for servicing.  After a full season, even with great care to make sure all is in alignment, they are dulled and screechy.  They need a sharpening and adjustment for the next season.  So do we.  Thanks for your business this year.